Saturday, September 17, 2016

Keine Lust

Desire and vengeance rip through the chord
While the soul crawls through the abyss. The
Pain, the light, the dark and the shadow; No!
I am unitary in pain and so shall I be in the morrow.

Keine lust! No worms, no caves. Never in the full
Moon does the being hate. Its only solitude, solitude
And pain. Keine lust... You shall never regain all
That you lost and devalued. All that you left in the way

Does the warmth seek you out in the nightly refrain?
While you snore and moan and slumber... But alas!
All in vain. Keine Lust... A tout le monde you sadistic
Piece of flesh. A tout le monde you bundle of veins!

Theres but, one bleeding heart and one that stands to gain!
Keine lust... Am lost in the refrain. Be or not, give or take
But, the sense and thought does seldom change. Be not what
You were and be not what you can. For the veins and flesh

Feed me- the man. So, while you dream and breath that
Ugly furore.... Meine lust rings through the realms afore!
You the bitch and me the dog, you the whore and the pimp
In the fog. We strike, we play, we merge, we bray...

The notion of us, lost in your foray.

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