Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Final

The hand that holds the pen is disconnected
From the head, the brain that writes the
Thoughts. Its crippled with implosions of the
Fifth kind rendering the body helpless and still.

It feels like the limbs are falling into slumber
As my brain remains ever awake without any neural
Outlet. The fear of an explosion, of death and of
Destruction is paramount enough to perpetuate this

Like the non-stop cycle of seasons the head keeps
Churning. But, now there's a difference. The senses
Cant feel it anymore and cannot respond. Only the
Wandering and fearful eyes seem to understand the
Flickers inside my head...

Is this it? Is this the end? Is this what all that we
Felt and hoped have finally come to? I dont know.
All I know is palpitations, heaving breaths and
Breathing eyes... All I know is you are out there,
Maybe I am too... But, is all this mine??