Monday, September 24, 2012

If I don't wake and you're home


If I'm not awake when you are home
Know that the body has left but, the mind
Hasn't. Know that the ideas and the
Ideals are safe within yours. If I'm
Gone when you return, give me your
Balmy smell and let the candles burn.

I'm not awake and you're home and I 
Am always around still, and you're
Never alone because memories you'll 
Have galore and what's within you are
Yours alone.That I'm gone when you're
Home is just a phase like I was born.

When I'm awake still and you're home
And you find me strife ridden and 
Despite you alone, don't change your path 
Or Waver your course because I'm just a
Rider of a black death horse. While I rest and
You're in your wake- hold me for heaven's sake.

For when I'll not wake and you will in
The next morn, don't treat the bed like a
Sheet of thorns. For when you slept and I was
Awake I weaved a million dreams around your
Face. That face will carry me home when I sleep and
Perhaps, I dearly hope in the cosmos make us meet.

So, if I'm not awake and you're home, know
That the body has served its debt but the heart
Is your's alone...

© Malyaban Lahiri