Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Creative Freedom

Did the actor act assuming his craft
Would be important in some way? Did
The painter paint with an aim to touch
Hearts? Or could the singer sing his
Baritone to bleed hearts and melt eyes?

Most negate these possibilities and label
Creations of art as mere chances and children
Of kind destiny. But, perchance might there
Be a creative soul who is so sure of his craft's
Effect like a hunter in the Urals hunting a fox?

I say why scoff at such a predicament where
The creator knows what he creates and how far
Reaching those could be? Such wizards are too
Few and far between but they do exist. Somewhere
In the barren crags and fissures of our aimless void...

I have felt this subtle upsurge of sure notion
And confidence wherefrom I can see what I can create
On a stage of perceptive voyeurism  and having the
Intended effect. Effects of change, of time, of freedom
And even bordering on the spiritual. The confidence stands;
Its mine...