Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Raag Megh-Malhaar

A sudden torrential innerburst, mind numbing
And tearful in extent. What is it? Where in 
Natures bountiful mysteries does this figure?
Overflowing inner joy but by no means peaceful,
Like a matrimony of Ghalib's pain with the joys
Of the rain!

A welcome yet unsure change between hazy days of
Self yielding grey. What mist, what silence, what
Rhythm brings about this cataclysm of overwhelming
Heaviness in the throat, skipped beats in the heart
And a rush of ecstacy in my blood? A sense of such
Seductive anticipation..

A timeless time on the clocks that remains unseen
Just so the soul can enjoy these fleeting yet strong
Lapses of unhindered selfless freedom. Inward collages
Of crashing waterfalls, stubborn rivers, golden fields
Of wheat and green valleys of flowers. The focus of a
Tiger and the suspense of a deer. Oh what is it?

This resonanting tune of the flute, the naughty string
Games of a sitar, the push of the tabla beats and the
Binding sorrow of the piano- the outburst in the inner!
Then, when I open my eyes, harness my senses ready to 
Plunge in the senseless mediocrity does my mind answer-
It's the raag Megh-Malhaar!

© Malyaban Lahiri