Friday, June 29, 2012

Free Rider (Dedicated to my friend Steve)

Now, in these towns they all know your name,
Riding the dust and in the dust rusts the rugged fame;
Of devil's riders and their leather armor, life bled
Through engines, throttles high playing highway games.

With bad company, through devil's bends we ride,
Saddling up and eyes on the road till the day we die.
We the forgotten and we who forget seize the day,
Coz at night we are the vanguards of the bleeding highway.

We ride for freedom, we ride for lost friends, we ride
For the dead life we lost at the canyon's end. By the sea
And through the meadows the engines roar with pride,
Coz life's a bitch, now its on my bed and I've got nothing-
Nothing left to hide!

The rainy wind on our faces reminds us of the days
Of six gun lovers, of the love once lost and my home's
Misty haze. But, the rain soothes our faces, only bones
And leather laces, it hides the tears and bathes the skin-
Coz what is life without some sin?

Now, in these towns they all know our names,
Riding the dust and in the dust we shall remain
Till another one rides over our bones, feeling alive
While their engine moans! That's gonna be our
Cemetary coz riders we are for life...

We worship the demon, the demon of speed and
A thousand times we've died. The road remains
And so does the spirit till another one joins the line.
So, we just ride like the gale winds, storm at our heels

Coz, never will we sleep, till we 're buried deep
Beneath these memories. So, cock up and ride
Speed demons and dont let the day steal your
Hunger for freedom, the lust for life and the ever
Faithful highway! Just cock up and ride...

© Malyaban Lahiri